Financial Planning Course

Whether you are preparing to raise an investment round or making your budget and forecast for the next few years or months:  

Financial planning is a must have skill for every online business owner without a CFO.

About ABEL Finance:  

ABEL Finance is a Finance & Strategy advisory firm.  

We help online businesses grow faster & more profitable. Since our start in 2017, we’ve helped dozens of online businesses in e-Commerce, affiliate marketing, SaaS and consultants & agencies succeed.  

We understand finance, and we have loads of experience working with online businesses. The difference with other advisors is: we truly listen, we tailor our support to help you realize your goals and ambition.  

About Rob te Braake Founder ABEL Finance  

My curiosity and drive to learn, be free and help others has led me down the road that started with 2 Master degrees back in the Netherlands, on the corporate road where I worked as an expat in China in the banking industry.  

There my entrepreneurial drive started to grow, leading to the (co-)founding of 6 companies – ranging from finance to technology to consulting. I've been on the roller coaster that building a business is - struggling with cash flow, clients and investors and celebrating every time you get back on your feet.  

Since starting ABEL, I found my meaning by combining my finance and entrepreneurial experience helping other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and grow faster & more p&ofitable.  

Rob - ABEL Finance